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Back in 2015, when I was practicing at a private dental practice and there was this one patient who came in for a routine dental checkup and cleaning. After a thorough checkup, I informed him that one of his teeth needed a root canal. He felt bolt out of the

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Should I go to a Dentist or Oral Surgeon for Tooth Extraction?

When it comes to extractions, I often get asked “should I go to dentist or Oral Surgeon?” Tooth extraction is nothing to take lightly, so it’s important to choose the right provider for your situation, especially if it’s an emergency procedure. Both dentists and oral surgeons can perform extractions, so

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Importance Of Routine Dental Check-up?

Do you know why your dentist recommends you to re-visit the clinic every six months or annually? Well, it's time you know the reason behind it. Routine dental check-ups are important for long-term maintenance of oral health for people of all ages. Usually, dentists recommend that the first visit of

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Dentures vs Implants – Pros and Cons

Dentures vs Implants. When you are missing one, some, or all of your teeth, these are the two main options that dentists typically recommend. Each of these treatments has its list of pros and cons that may make it a better option for your situation. Your dentist can make a

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I Swallowed My Braces Bracket. Should I Be Worried?

You may have even seen the recent story about a woman in Australia who had a piece of orthodontic wire removed from her intestine 10 years after having her braces removed. That’s enough to make anyone just a little paranoid about accidentally swallowing a piece of their braces. Fortunately, this

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